Sponsoring MIST benefits your organization by gaining exposure to a large network of Muslim youth across Ontario. MIST is able to provide you with a customized sponsorship package that will maximize the benefit for your individual needs. The chart below outlines standard packages available:

sponsorship table.png

*banner and/or booth would be displayed at the venue for the duration of the two day tournament

Category Sponsorship
In addition to general sponsorship, MIST offers donors the ability to sponsor prizes for a specific category of competitions.

The categories are:

  • Knowledge & Quran

  • Arts

  • Writing & Oratory

  • Bracket Competitions

  • Group Projects

  • Sports

Benefits for Category Sponsorship are customizable and will be considered on an individual basis.
Sponsorship inquiries can be directed to: info@misttoronto.ca . To download the sponsorship package please click here.


Every year a talented group of individuals work tirelessly to plan this tournament, for high school students to test the limits of their creativity and talents. This grassroots initiative can only made possible by the devotion of its volunteers and contributions by generous members of the community like you.

Over the past four years, MIST Toronto has become the fastest growing MIST Region and Muslim youth initiative in North America. Last year MIST Toronto made MIST history by becoming the largest region with over 600 students competing, and 100 volunteers and judges.

Youth engagement is one of MIST’s primary objectives. Participating students gain a greater sense of motivation both academically and in their extra-curricular activities. Many of these students go on to become trustworthy leaders in various school groups which then translates into greater civic duty and community involvement when they graduate.

To meet the financial needs of planning such a large scale tournament, community support is direly needed. The growing number of participants, results in added costs. In order to make MIST as inclusive as possible, we want to shift the financial burden away from the students and prevent them paying exorbitant registration fees. The event is run at a loss every year and volunteers make contributions out of their own pockets to make ends meet and keep the tournament afloat.

MIST fulfills a need in the community, keeping youth creatively engaged and academically focused. Please help make MIST happen. No fiscal contribution is too small.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at info@misttoronto.ca.

JazakAllah Khair
MIST Toronto Executive Committee