“Volunteering for MIST changed my life…it has really given me hope for the Muslim community in Toronto.”

It’s the work of volunteers that make organizations like MIST a reality. You can be an integral piece in MIST, just by volunteering!


MIST has been developing and cultivating high school talent for close to a decade. When we reach university or college, we realize there aren’t too many initiatives out for Muslim youth. Just because you’re out of high school doesn’t mean you can’t help out the youth!
We need people like you to volunteer at MIST and actually make the program work. From hosting a Spoken Word session to interacting with professionals from a niche industry to helping lost students navigate around a huge and intimidating university… there is always something fun to do by volunteering at MIST!

Ready to be a part of a life-changing experience? Fill out this short application form to help us assign you to the position that best suits your skills. Click here to access the application form.