Workshop 1:

A Beautiful Mind

Saturday March 11, 2017. 11 am to 12 pm

Mental health can sometimes be an elephant in the room in our communities. Some who suffer from mental health issues suffer in silence. For those who open up, sometimes we try to be helpful by encouraging them to have more faith, remember God more, pray more, fast more, or give more charity. While this spiritual advice might be helpful to some, others need professional help to diagnose and treat their mental health issues without stigma or censure.

How can we deal compassionately and productively with such individuals? How do we recognize when we ourselves may be in need of help?

MIST Toronto is creating a safe place for an interactive discussion with experienced panellists to shed a light on mental health and breakdown the stigmas in the community from a religious, social, and medical perspective. Join us, bring your questions and help break the taboo.

Workshop 2:

After High School: A beautiful Life Ahead

Sunday March 12, 2017. 3 am to 4 pm

Are you nervous as you approach the uncertainty of life after high school? Never fear, our panel of students from universities and programs across Southern Ontario are ready to answer your questions about how they navigated their own paths so you may be more comfortable answering some questions for yourself, such as:  

What do I want to do after I graduate? What's the right career path for me? What sort of skills/education do I need to get there? How can I tell which school would be right for me? How would I juggle my responsibilities with school, work, and my personal life? How do I navigate the professional world given my moral convictions?

If these are questions you'd like to explore more, join us for an engaging discussion!

Workshop 3:

A Walking Tour: Appreciating the Beauty Around Us

Sunday March 12, 2017. 3 am to 4 pm

You may have been to the University of Toronto St. George campus before. If it's your first time, you may be super excited to explore your new surroundings for the weekend, perhaps imagining the possibilities of walking the halls as your own someday. However, it's possible that you're a frequent visitor and the charm has worn off. Whether you've been before or not, this guided tour will allow you to see your surroundings with fresh eyes, to explore its hidden mysteries and its unique history. Use the opportunity to step up your Instagram feed or rediscover the camera features on your DSLR, smartphone or point and shoot!